In my years of professional association with Ms. Bouchet- Horwitz she has demonstrated a thorough understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the pregnant, birthing, and lactating woman. She is a gifted teacher, gracefully educating her clients during particularly vulnerable times in their lives. Jule has an exceptional gift for imparting her extensive knowledge with clarity and kindness. She has developed a way of working that is based on mutual trust and respect among herself, her clients, and other healthcare professionals.

Martha Roth, CNM, Nyack, NY
I had the opportunity to personally observe Ms. Bouchet-Horwitz's work as a lactation consultant when she provided excellent professional, and caring services to my wife. She adeptly assessed a significant and uncommon problem. She was thorough and sympathetic. Her follow-up was excellent. My wife and I felt that not only was she professional, but that she truly cared about us and our baby's health.

Gavin Joffe, MD, MPH, Monsey, NY
I just wanted to thank you for all your help with breastfeeding and caring for Jordan. It was so important for me to have him breastfeed and experience it for the very first time. I truly enjoy it. He is doing very well. He is now 4 months old, 18 pounds, 26 inches and in the 97th percentile. What a big boy! Thank you for your help and advice.

K.M. Croton, NY
Many thanks. Our little one is quite a personality and adores breastfeeding - what baby doesn't, I suppose - but she really enjoys it!

R.T. Croton, NY
I want to thank you for all your support. It gave me great comfort to know I could always call you and you would be there for me with whatever information I needed or just with a few kind words of support. You provide a wonderful and much needed service to many women and your influence is being felt in this next generation.

C.N. Nanuet, NY
Thank you so much for all you've done for us and our ever expanding family. We are blessed to have you in our lives.

S.C. Suffern, NY
Thank you so much for being a channel for God's love. Your dedication is deeply appreciated and beyond what words can tell.

P.D. Bogota, NJ
We want to thank you so much for your help and support during this special time in our lives.

D.S. Goshen, New York