Prenatal Visits

“An examination of the breasts is part of good prenatal care and an excellent opportunity to discuss breastfeeding”. 

Dr. Ruth Lawrence 

We offer prenatal visits to determine if there are any risk factors that might interfere with breastfeeding. 

A prenatal visit includes:

  • A thorough history
  • An examination of the breasts
  • Assessing for flat, retracting and inverted nipples
  • Assessment and harvesting of colostrum

Education on:

  • The first feeding
  • Allowing the baby to crawl to the breast
  • How to latch
  • How to know if baby is getting enough milk
  • How to establish a good milk supply
  • Follow up care 

If you have flat, retracting or inverted nipples, or difficulties with breastfeeding another baby, a prenatal visit in the first trimester is recommended. Otherwise call to schedule an appointment in the 36th week of pregnancy and to schedule visits after the birth.

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