The New York Milk Bank

The New York Milk Bank (NYMB) collects breast milk from healthy lactating women, pasteurizes it and distributes it to infants in need especially premature infants. They are located in Westchester County and in 2016 opened the first and only milk bank in New York State. Due to the volume of milk that generous women donated, NYMB can provide milk to all babies in need.

Hudson Valley Breastfeeding is a NYMB Distribution Site. We provide  pasteurized donor human milk when The New York Milk Bank is closed.

Most babies do not need a supplement. Some babies need a little extra milk if their mother’s own milk supply is delayed.  We store 120 mL (4 oz.) bottles of full term milk for infants who need a supplement until mother’s own milk is established. The milk is available by prescription. Donors are screened and tested for infectious diseases. The milk is pooled with 4 other donors, pasteurized and cultured for bacteria before distribution. 

If you have an abundant milk supply and are interested in becoming a donor, please call The New York Milk Bank at (212) 956-6455 MILK.

If you are interested in receiving donor milk, please call NYMB. Milk is available by prescription and is $19.60 a bottle.