I just got off the phone with you and just talking to you makes me feel so good and calm. You have been so amazing to me over the past 6 months. I am truly grateful for you and your service. I love your style and your expertise. Thank you again for everything! I will let you know how the weaning goes. I am praying it is fast and easy.

CF, Mt. Kisco, NY
Thank you so much for all your help in getting nursing started. My early breastfeeding experience has been so much easier this time, it’s like night and day. I wish every woman who wanted to breastfeed had the support of a smart, dedicated, compassionate professional like you. Rose is doing wonderfully, and I can’t believe how good my supply is. It means so much to me, as a mother and as a woman.

All the best,

KK, Tarrytown, NY
We are still very thankful for your help in getting us to nurse well. Raquelle nursed for 15 mos. I wanted to nurse her longer, but she had other plans. She self-weaned. I was very sad, but happy to know that we nursed for over a year.

MY, Pomona, NY
I have to say that I love the bonding that breastfeeding allows. It is such a great pause in the day to reconnect with your baby.  Fiona seems to really enjoy it too. We hold hands and look at each other until she falls asleep.  I even enjoy pumping a bit because my office door closes and I get 15 mins. to myself a couple times a day. Plus, I feel that breastmilk is absolutely the right thing for Fi. Since she eats so well, is gaining weight, etc, our pediatrician has delayed solids another month.
We owe a lot of thanks to you!  :). Have a great day!

TR, Eastchester, NY
We did it! He’s a charming smiley baby and the breastfeeding is going great – not even needing to supplement! Thanks again for all your help!!

CV, Eastchester, NY
I wanted to thank you so much for all your help with breast feeding Salvatore. Your knowledge was a great help. Everything is going smoothly now. He had his 2-week doctor appointment yesterday and he is up 7lbs. 8oz!!! He is eating like a champ, sleeping like one too!!! Thanks again!
Kind regards,

EM, Sleepy Hollow, NY
My friend, Amanda, truly enjoyed you. We both confirmed that you do not realize how talented and valuable you really are so here is my note to tell you that. All of my friends are soooo lucky to have met you.

Also I wanted to let you know that Seth is THRIVING. He is 14 pounds and 26 or so inches. I can't keep the right size clothes around enough. He is in 6-12 months already. He loves the breast and I have yet to pump a bottle. He is beautiful. I have to say he does overeat a bit, but what man doesn't LOL!!

Lots of love,

DS, Cortlandt Manor, NY
Julie Bouchet Horwitz is a wonderful LC, nurse practitioner, LLL Leader and specialist in adoptive nursing. She has a "milk bank" in her office, I believe. She walks the walk and is an excellent local resource.

Anonymous found on a blog